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Shorten project turnaround time by automating sourcing processes from RFQ to delivery.

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Manufacturing sourcing is broken

If you’ve ever emailed suppliers for quotes, orders, or DFM discussions – you’ve probably experienced this

Your data is siloed and unorganized

Your quoting, order and supplier data are siloed and unorganized outside of the ERP, which causes delays and errors

You waste hours on admin work

Instead of using your expertise, you’re wasting time on collecting quotes, emailing suppliers and managing changes

You don't get competitive terms

You know you may be overpaying, but you don’t have time to find competitive alternatives for every single order

You're done with these issues

With Jiga, your sourcing process is visible and frictionless

Centralize and integrate your sourcing data in one place

Emails and spreadsheets are time-consuming and fragmented. Align everyone with centralized data including all supplier communication, files, RFQs, DFx, and orders

Remove manual data entry from your multi-vendor RFQ process

Eliminate error-prone manual data entry by automating your RFQ/RFP and sourcing tasks. Collaborate with suppliers throughout product development and manufacturing stages

SRM - Be proactive about communication

Get optimal costs, quality and lead times from manufacturing suppliers

Track supplier performance effortlessly and get matched directly with a highly-vetted manufacturing supplier network to always get optimal costs, quality and lead times

Automate and gain full visibility into PO changes

RFQs and POs change all the time. Jiga allows you to stay on top of every order and gain complete visibility into issues and delays. And yes, we do auto-sync your ERP on every change so you won’t have to

Jiga's customers report these results


Reduced lead times


Cost savings


Reduction in RFQ to PO time

8 hrs

Saved per employee / month

Easy supplier adoption

No supplier onboardings or trainings required

Plug and play setup

Get started in minutes,
not months

Maximum data security

Runs on the latest encryption technologies

Integrates with your existing tech stack

A quick, light integration and advanced customization options




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