The all-in-one platform for outsourced manufacturing

Connect with top vetted manufacturing suppliers. Get from design to part faster, at the right price.

The easy way for engineering teams to find suppliers and purchase parts.

Vetted supplier discovery

Save over 30% on custom manufacturing

SRM - Be proactive about communication

Connect and get matched directly with trusted contract manufacturers. Source any manufacturing process – CNC machining, sheet metal fabrication, additive manufacturing, injection molding, tubing, laser cutting, and many more

SRM - Be proactive about communication

Supplier Collaboration

Spend 80% less time on sourcing, DFM, quoting, and manual data entry

SRM - Be proactive about communication

Eliminate error-prone manual data entry by automating your quoting and sourcing tasks. Collaborate with suppliers throughout product development and manufacturing

RFQ Automation

Automate RFQ creation

Save time by instantly sending detailed RFQs to suppliers. Easily compare quotes to find the best value and lead times, and keep your projects on schedule, on budget.

Order Tracking

Proactively manage risks and delays

Stay on top of every order. Get notified of issues that require your attention, track changes, and make sure that your orders are delivered on time.

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