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ABS is a popular choice for CNC machining due to its durability, machinability, and versatility.
A white plastic wheel, made of durable ABS, with a ridged edge and a central hub lies on a clean white background.


What is ABS?

ABS is a versatile thermoplastic polymer, offering a balance of strength, impact resilience, good cosmetics and ease of processing. ABS exhibits a balanced combination of the mechanical and thermal properties of its copolymer constituents.

CNC Machining in ABS

ABS is a popular thermoplastic widely utilized in CNC machining for its excellent mechanical properties and versatility. Known for its high toughness and impact resistance, ABS is an ideal choice for engineering applications and functional prototypes.


Close-up of a white ABS plastic aerator for a bathroom or kitchen faucet on a white background.

ABS Guides

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