Centralized sourcing for product development

Connect your manufacturing suppliers and teams for faster product development and maximized visibility.

In manufacturing product development,

delays can be reduced by over 65%

through increased visibility and better communication
with suppliers

Project delays are caused by collaboration issues

These issues are typically caused by the use of email chains and spreadsheets between engineering, procurement, and suppliers

SRM - Be proactive about communication

A frictionless way to work with your suppliers

Jiga centralizes part sourcing collaboration for product development teams to accelerate part delivery and maximize visibility.

Integrates with any ERP

Jiga works with any ERP with a quick, light implementation process and advanced customization options

How you can benefit from Jiga


Eliminate data silos and add important missing data to your ERP


Get better terms and streamline your purchasing process

Supply Chain

Become proactive with better visibility into risks and delays


Use your time for engineering instead of administration


Measure performance and make better sourcing decisions

Product Dev (NPI / NPD)

Eliminate bottlenecks and keep your projects on schedule

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