Get parts on time, without wasting everyone's time

Jiga’s PO solution makes it easy to get your parts on time with little effort

Automate supplier

Automate supplier follow-ups and delivery date flagging to save effort and ensure on-time delivery

Track PO statuses and changes

Get notified of PO changes and statuses while tracking them automatically in your ERP

Automate PO and requisitions in your ERP

Automate purchase requisitions and purchase order creation, synced directly with your ERP

Customizable approvals, permissions and workflows

Customize roles, permissions, and workflows for a faster purchasing process that fits your existing workflows perfectly

Works with your shipping providers

Integrates with your existing tech stack

Built for complex

Specifically built for high-mix, low-volume manufacturing and engineering

Supports engineering files

Supports technical CAD files and drawings, DFM communication, and BOMs of any format

Integrates with your existing software

Jiga can integrate with your ERP, PLM or MRP software

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