Get from design to part faster with Jiga

Companies use Jiga to save time and costs on outsourced manufacturing. See why they love it.

Get matched directly with the best suppliers for the job.

Upload engineering requirements and get matched directly with vetted manufacturing suppliers who can take the job.

Work together, move faster.

SRM - Be proactive about communication

Move away from endless email threads around each order and part. Add suppliers and relevant stakeholders from engineering or procurement teams to collaborate and hit your deadlines.

Streamline your RFQ process.

Save time by instantly sending detailed RFQs with engineering files to suppliers. Easily compare quotes to find the best value and lead times, and keep your projects on schedule, on budget.

Document Sharing

Share and collaborate on technical and commercial documents of any file type.

Data Extraction from Drawings

Jiga automatically extracts manufacturing data from engineering drawings to save manual data entry.

Team Onboarding

The Jiga team works closely with you and your suppliers to ensure a smooth implementation.

Maximum Data Security

Jiga runs on the latest encryption technologies and performs continuous backups and security checks.

Supplier Engagement

Jiga’s supplier engagement service and ease of use ensure consistent adoption from your suppliers.

Quick and Easy Setup

The Jiga team works closely with you and your suppliers to ensure a smooth implementation.

Identify risks and delays.

Stay on top of every order. Get notified of issues that require your attention, track changes, and make sure that your orders are delivered on time.

Make data-driven decisions.

Track supplier performance, order schedules, and internal team activity. Gain insights to improve your performance.

Integrates with any ERP.

Jiga connects with any ERP after a quick, light implementation process and provides many customization options.

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