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    Top Manufacturing Journalists to Follow for Expert Insights

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    In the fast-moving world of manufacturing, it’s crucial to keep up with the newest ideas, breakthroughs, and insights from manufacturing experts.

    One of the best ways to do this is by keeping tabs on the people who really know what they’re talking about – those experts who give thoughtful analysis, bring up creative thoughts, and really dig into what’s new and changing.

    The journalists we’ve picked out for you don’t just know a lot about manufacturing. They’re also really good at explaining complicated stuff in a way that makes sense and gives you something you can use.

    They’ve got tons of knowledge and their articles are not only chock full of information but also pretty exciting for anyone interested in or working in manufacturing.

    Amy Feldman

    Amy Feldman is a senior editor at Forbes. She leads manufacturing coverage and focusing on industrial innovation and consumer products. Amy also contributes to the “30 Under 30 Manufacturing & Industry 2023” segment, showcasing young trailblazers.

    She recently wrote about insights from reliable polls on future industry price trends. She also shared groundbreaking tech startups with innovative approaches to manufacturing.

    Amy’s writing is a must-read because she simplifies complex topics and provides timely, insightful analysis.

    Recent article:

    91% Of Manufacturers Intend To Raise Prices In The Second Half Of 2023, A New Poll Finds

    Brent M. Donaldson

    Brent M. Donaldson, Editor-in-Chief at Modern Machine Shop, is someone who really understands manufacturing. He often talks about industry trends, machine shops, and the rising use of automation in manufacturing.

    In his recent articles, he discussed important issues such as worker shortages and how manufacturers should view automation for their machine shops. He also reported about new manufacturing tools and tech he discovered in trade shows and conferences.

    His pieces are ideal for professionals eager to adopt modern tech solutions and continually improve their manufacturing operations.

    Recent article:

    Lessons on the Journey Toward Shop Automation

    Geoff Giordano

    Geoff Giordano is a seasoned tech journalist who’s been in the game for over 30 years.

    He covers a range of topics, from 3D printing and injection molding to packaging and sustainable practices in the industry. He’s also keen on the impact of automation and artificial intelligence on manufacturing.

    You should check out Geoff’s articles, if you want to keep up with the latest news, technologies, and materials in the plastics manufacturing world.

    Recent article:

    Manufacturers Lean into Automation, AI to Fill Skilled Worker Gap, Survey Says

    Rob Spiegel

    Rob Spiegel is a well-experienced senior editor who writes for Design News.

    He writes about hardware design, software, electronics, internet tech, automation, and cybersecurity. He dives into topics like AI’s role in 3D printing, ongoing manufacturing challenges, and the increasing use of robotics.

    His technical approach makes him ideal for engineers and tech enthusiasts wanting to keep up with the latest design trends and tech innovations.

    Recent articles:

    Ongoing Manufacturing Challenges: Uptime, Materials, and Workers

    Karen Hanna

    Karen Hanna is a seasoned reporter for manufacturing-focused publications like PMM and Plastics Recycling.

    She recently wrote about new tools, trends, and techniques in plastic additive manufacturing and injection molding. She also delved on how 3D printing can help solve supply problems and how automation helps in manufacturing labor issues.

    Her writing tends to be technical, making it perfect for engineers interested in product design trends and new materials and tools to use in their designs.

    Recent article:

    3D printing offers supply chain solution


    These experts have a deep understanding of manufacturing.

    From technology and trends to sustainability and automation, these journalists offer valuable information that can directly benefit professionals working in manufacturing.

    By engaging with their work, professionals can stay up-to-date, make informed decisions, and improve their processes.

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