Source parts faster. Guaranteed quality.

Source directly from a global manufacturing network.
Get rid of huge fees and unproductive emails.
G2 rating

Source directly from the world's best suppliers

Each Jiga supplier goes through a rigorous vetting process, ensuring high quality parts and trustworthy service, every time. 

  • You're 100% covered with Jiga's QC and Buyer Protection
  • You're 100% covered with Jiga's QC and Buyer Protection

3, 4, 5 Axis milling and turning


Plastic, Overmolding, and Insert Molding

Sheet Metal Bending and Laser Cutting

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"We saved over 45% in hard costs, shortened our PO cycle time by 80% and improved our lead times by over 30%"

Shai Afriat

External Inspection Engineer, ICL Group (NYSE: ICL)

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"Jiga is a game changer"

I like how it compiles all the estimates from the vendors into one chart. Jiga helps me consolidate all my invoices and vendors in one place, without me having to chase down vendors.

Patrick Jiri


tony kelbert

"Purchasing communication, managed."

Jiga is a fantastic platform for managing purchasing communication. As an engineer, I really don’t want to spend my time chasing email threads and maintaining spreadsheets of quotes. Jiga keeps all of this information in one place and streamlines the entire RFQ process.

Tony Kelbert

Senior Mechanical Engineer

"I wish this existed years ago!"

Jiga is a good source for new suppliers and streamlines the process of quoting and procuring manufactured items. I have substituted some of my pre-existing quoting workflows with Jiga, which makes the process of quoting parts much quicker and easier. This is in addition to finding new reliable suppliers through their platform.

Benjamin Strauss

Mechanical Engineer

"We sourced our mechanical parts using Jiga. We saved more than $10k on the last order alone"

Vetted machine shops bidding on your project gets you the best combination of price and turnaround (and the transparency is great). We sourced the mechanical parts of a custom system we designed using Jiga.

George Burkhard


"The service and availability are outstanding."

Jiga’s platform provided us with significant financial savings, reduced valuable handling times, and facilitated a faster requisition to delivery flow. The service and availability are outstanding.

Asaf Hemo

Head of Production Site

"Jiga is an excellent platform"

Jiga is an excellent platform. It makes it easy to operate and manage projects and keep track of everything. The platform offers excellent prices and customer service, providing the ability to easily communicate with their support team when needed.

Sam Hacohen

Manufacturing Business Consultant

"My favorite manufacturing platform"

I really love Jiga. At this point it’s my favorite manufacturing platform. Compared to other companies, the savings are astronomical.

Daniel Voorhees

Lead Engineer

"If I would have a 6th star you would have received it from me."

On top of the excellent work in terms of product quality, your customer service approach, the quick and precise answers (and questions) are what gives you the 6th star!

Yoav Amir

Head of Design


Trusted by leading brands

Communicate easily and directly

Get direct access to suppliers so you can communicate easily AND build a supply chain. No one should get between you and your suppliers

Your entire BOM, one purchase order

Take out supplier onboarding and ordering individually from each supplier

Find the right supplier

Source parts from vetted manufacturers that match your exact needs

A single source of truth

No more manual data entry and messy supplier emails. Track all orders, quotes, parts and suppliers in one (friendly!) place

Enterprise-grade security and compliance

Integrates with your existing tech stack

"We asked ourselves: does Jiga save us enough money and engineering time? It was a simple ROI equation and a very easy decision."

Nohtal Partansky

CEO, Sorting Robotics

Teams move faster with Jiga


Reduced lead times


Hard cost savings


PO cycle time reduction

96 hrs

Saved per user / year