Jiga - Custom Parts Manufacturing

We make manufacturing transactions frictionless

Jiga is the hassle-free, cost-efficient and transparent way to source parts


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Life at Jiga

Jiga Team

Jiga is a remote-friendly company, backed by Y Combinator and other amazing investors. We value diversity, freedom of creativity, and work flexibility. We don’t care about your race, religion, or location— as long as you are committed to our mission, you’ll receive a warm welcome at Jiga.

Solving real problems

Everyone at Jiga has a big impact on how modern manufacturing will look in the 21st century.

Freedom and flexibility

Our team members are located in Israel, US, Europe and Asia. We use tools like Loom, Notion,
Kitemaker and Slack to collaborate. This allows Jiga employees to work whenever and wherever they are the most productive, regardless of time zones or borders.

Getting things done

We are a team of doers who believe in minimizing bureaucracy and being as efficient as possible.  Our team members own and love what they do, and get things done quickly.

Constant improvement

Our culture promotes continued learning. Regardless of the topic, we are always improving and striving for growth.

Full transparency

We value honesty and open communication, even when it’s uncomfortable. Being visible and vulnerable promotes full trust between team members.

Open positions

Let’s build something amazing, and make it the next big chapter of your career.