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We are a diverse team of people who work hard to build the world’s best way to produce physical products.

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Jiga is a remote-friendly company, backed by Y Combinator and other amazing investors. We value diversity, freedom of creativity, and work flexibility. We don’t care about your race, religion, or location— as long as you are committed to our mission, you’ll receive a warm welcome at Jiga.

Solving real problems

Everyone in Jiga has a big impact on how modern manufacturing will look in the 21st century.

Freedom and flexibility

Our team members are located in Israel, US, Europe and Asia. We use tools like Loom, Notion,
Kitemaker and Slack to collaborate. That way, we allow people to work whenever and wherever they are the
most productive, regardless of time zones and borders.

Getting things done

We are a team of doers who believe in as less bureaucracy and as much efficiency as possible. Our team members own and love what they do, and get things done.

Keep on improving

We never stop learning. It doesn’t matter if it’s about supply chain and operations, data science,
or personal life – we are always improving and learning how to become better and grow.

Full transparency

We value honesty and open communication, even when it’s uncomfortable. Being visible means that we can be vulnerable at times and that we fully trust each other.

Open positions

Let’s build something amazing, and make it the next big chapter of your career.

The Job

Help hardware engineers ship products 3X faster!

Nowadays, the manufacturing industry is incredibly inefficient, costing the US economy billions of dollars every year, and making hardware products, like cars, planes, and medical devices that are expensive or unsafe/unusable.

In Jiga, we are working hard to fix this problem, by building a purchasing platform that talks to engineers.

You should apply if

You love building UI components as much as building data structures and API endpoints, and there isn’t a task you can’t do.

You are excited to work on 3D models rendering, complex UI components, and pricing algorithms.

You are connected to the product side.

You are not afraid to make mistakes and get your hands dirty. 
- You have a get stuff done attitude.

You love what you do.


  • 3+ years of experience building full-stack web applications, end-to-end.
  • Proven experience with React. 
- Proven experience with NodeJS, MongoDB, AWS S3.
  • Deep love of startups and creating new products 
- Working blazingly fast.
  • Independent and autodidact.
  • Would be nice to have also:

  • Experience with Three.js or similar 3D libraries

  • Experience with Next.js

About Jiga

Jiga was started by our CEO, Assaf, who identified a need in the manufacturing market. After 6 years as a manufacturer himself, Assaf realized these inefficiencies had to be addressed.

We were founded in 2020, just before the first COVID lockdown. As we had to work remotely from day one, we learnt to communicate in an async way to allow everyone to focus and do what they do best, wherever they want and whenever they want.

We believe in flexible, remote work where each one of the team members has a voice and impact on the product. We don’t count hours, we take a no-nonsense approach, and we’re open to any new ideas and technology.

All religions/genders/races are encouraged to apply, we simply don’t care where you’re from as long as you do a good job and play nice.


  • Fully flexible, location independent, parent-friendly remote work environment.
  • Internationally diverse and dynamic team with a clear vision and strategy.
  • Self-development budget.
  • Spotify/YouTube music subscription.
  • Generous stock options package.
  • Fast-paced environment with lots of room for creative freedom.
  • Opportunity to work on a real, painful problem together with an amazing team.

How to apply

Please send us an email to jobs (at) with your CV, a short blurb and your favourite ice cream flavour (mine is cookies, obviously)

We are looking for a marketing professional with a mechanical engineering background who will help to lead our content, growth, and community.

As Jiga’s founding Founding Growth Marketing Lead, you’ll play a key role in setting up the company’s marketing processes and shape the product from the get-go.


Remote, anywhere at GMT-6 timezone (+-3 hours flexibility)

Position Type

Full time

About the role

  • Lead the professional content creation
  • Build meaningful relationships with people in the manufacturing industry
  • Lead and engage a community
  • Help us shape the product and impact the roadmap of the company

The ideal candidate must have

  • Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering
  • At least 1 year of experience in mechanical engineering
  • At least 2 years of experience in marketing
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • You are a people person and feel comfortable connecting online
  • Must be located in GMT-6 timezone (+-3 hours flexibility)

Would be nice to have

  • Marketing experience within a startup
  • Community leadership experience