Frequently asked questions

How can Jiga save me time and reduce costs?

Ordering custom parts requires significant collaboration and data management during quoting, ordering, and communication. By adding automation, standardization, and additional competition, companies spend less time on admin work, and get better lead times and prices.

What differentiates Jiga from other companies?

Jiga matches you directly with highly-vetted manufacturers, while also allowing you to continue working with your existing suppliers. Jiga helps you collaborate and get professional feedback directly from suppliers, and facilitates lasting partnerships by giving you the freedom to choose exactly which supplier you’d like to work with on every order.

Is it generally more expensive to purchase from Jiga suppliers?

Quite the opposite! Our customers see significant cost savings (sometimes 30% or more!).

How do you keep my files safe and secure?

We work with a network of highly trusted manufacturers and have strict NDA agreements signed with each of them.  Additional NDA’s can also be requested by you as needed. Your files will be visible to suppliers only when you actively send quote requests to them. Jiga also maintains strict security standards and file encryption.

How does Jiga protect me as a buyer?

Our escrow service protects you from paying until you’ve received your parts, while we constantly validate suppliers and share information about their past performance. If there is an issue, our support team is here help.

Can I re-order from specific manufacturers I was happy with?

Yes. You always have the freedom to choose which supplier to work with on every order.

Can I get feedback on my order before I complete it?

Yes. You can contact the supplier directly and get professional feedback (DFM, logistics…) using Jiga’s messaging platform before sending a quote/order request.

What if there’s a mistake or if I need to make changes to my parts?

We know. Mistakes happen. That’s part of life! 
Issues with any orders through Jiga can usually be resolved directly with the supplier through our quote and order revision control feature. For anything else, our ops team is ready to jump in and assist at any time.