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Jiga's Quality Control and Buyer Protection

Our manufacturing excellence, backed by top suppliers and certified QC, ensures safe transactions with robust buyer protection for any issues

Step 1: Preliminary Supplier Evaluation

Our process begins with a rigorous preliminary evaluation. This involves an in-depth review of a supplier’s certifications, their reputation as indicated by recommendations from existing customers, their claims about their capabilities, and their financial stability. We ensure that every potential supplier meets a high standard of excellence and dependability before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2: Supplier Application & Agreements

Potential suppliers are required to fill out an initial application questionnaire that helps us understand their capacities and certifications in more detail. To safeguard our trade secrets and proprietary information, they sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Additionally, they agree to our terms and conditions to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship.

Step 3: Personal Supplier Meetings

Upon completion of the application process and review, we conduct in-person meetings with the qualified suppliers. This step provides us with the opportunity to delve deeper into their processes, capabilities, and qualifications.

Step 4: Supplier Inspection Audit & Sample orders

We then carry out an extensive supplier inspection audit. We assess the machining shop profile, capabilities, and financial robustness, their design and troubleshooting abilities, their quality management practices, organization, order, communication, and documentation processes, among other aspects. We also order samples of different parts to verify their capabilities, and gradually start providing them with relevant jobs. This meticulous audit gives us confidence that our suppliers have the necessary infrastructure and processes in place to consistently deliver top-tier results.

Step 5: Continuous Performance Monitoring

The quality assurance process doesn’t end after the supplier is onboarded. We constantly track a variety of performance criteria, based on quality, communication, price competitiveness and on-time delivery, and through user feedback. We continuously review suppliers’ grades and remove those who do not meet our highest standards.

Our suppliers are rated on the following Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

  • Time and Delivery
  • Parts Quality
  • Communication
  • Value for Money
  • Overall Experience

The KPI scores range from 1 to 5, with 5 representing excellent performance. This system allows us to categorize suppliers from A to D, with A indicating superior performance.

Step 6: On-site Audits for High Volume Production Suppliers

For suppliers that are intended for high volume production, we conduct on-site audits through professional supplier monitoring companies using recognized protocols. This helps ensure the supplier’s capacity to meet high-volume demands without compromising quality. We share this information upon request.

Jiga's Quality Guarantee

Our Quality Guarantee is an extension of our unwavering commitment to your satisfaction, extending beyond our meticulous Quality Assurance process. We provide full coverage for various contingencies to ensure your peace of mind.

Parts Out of Spec

In the rare event that parts do not meet specifications due to a supplier fault, we stand ready to rectify the situation. We commit to remake or fix the parts with the fastest possible lead time, and all at our expense. Our aim is to minimize any inconvenience and maintain the quality standards you expect from us.

Late Parts

Timely delivery is as important to us as the quality of the parts we supply. Our operations team actively manages production and delivery timelines to prevent delays. Should a late delivery occur despite that, we pledge to compensate for the inconvenience in future orders, further tightening our process to prevent recurrence.

No Delivery

For the unlikely case where delivery doesn’t occur, we have provisions in place to protect your interests. We hold payments to suppliers in escrow until successful delivery, ensuring your financial security. In cases of non-delivery, we can offer a complete refund, ensuring your financial risk is mitigated.