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Build a bullet-proof supply chain

Jiga is a social media platform that allows users to connect with each other.

Jiga is a strategic tool to streamline, derisk, and optimize your manufacturing supply chain

Jiga is a social media platform that allows users to connect with each other.
jiga tail spend

Consolidate tail spend

Onboard with Jiga once and gain access to all Jiga partners without any additional onboarding or interfacing with different vendors

Diversify suppliers

Jiga makes it easy to diversify your sources of supply and switch easily between partners to reduce risks and save costs

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A dashboard with a purple background and graphs.

Reporting and analytics

Get complete visibility into data about orders, revisions, quotes and suppliers

Customizable approvals, permissions and workflows

Customize roles, permissions, and workflows for a faster purchasing process that fits your existing workflows perfectly

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Send POs from your ERP

Send purchase orders to Jiga directly from your ERP

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Diversify your supply chain

Access more competitive suppliers to fight inertia and reduce risk

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Optimize tail spend

Consolidate tail spend with Jiga as your only supplier for small MRO and R&D purchases

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Remove administration for small orders

Make it easy for engineers to make small orders while staying in control

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Secure and approved

Define your approved supplier list and control user permissions

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Flexible payment methods

Pay using bank transfer or credit card with consistent payment terms

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Communicate directly without middlemen

Communicate with Jiga suppliers and build relationships directly (we don’t hide them from you!)

Works with your shipping providers

You can work with EXW shipping terms or have us ship your parts

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UPS shipping

Jiga is free to use instantly. Pay only for parts you source.