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In this article, we dive into the factors that affect injection molding tolerances. It lays out why mold design and process control are crucial for nailing those tolerances. We also

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In this article, we dive into the factors that affect injection molding tolerances. It lays out why mold design and process control are crucial for nailing those tolerances. We also explore how different tolerance levels impact both the quality of the product and the cost of production. You’ll learn tips on tweaking the injection molding process to get better performance from your parts, ensure consistent quality, and keep costs in check.
In this article, we dive into everything prototyping—from picking the right tech and materials to choosing your manufacturer and the all-important testing and iteration phase. Read on to see how these steps can help you nail your product launch with confidence.
The article will give you a fair introduction to the manufacturing process, commercial uses, benefits and weaknesses of the material and introduce you to a basic grounding in the process of LDPE injection molding.
Dive into the manufacturing process, applications, benefits and shortcomings of HDPE in injection molding. You'll also discover tips to help you make more informed decisions about its use.
Aluminum machining usually includes all aluminum cutting processes such as drilling, milling, turning, grinding and more. Below we summarize the critical knowledge you need to begin to master the process of aluminum machining
Discover why ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is the top pick for durable products—affordable, versatile, and eco-friendly, it's the ultimate solution for your manufacturing needs.
Many are on the lookout for Xometry alternatives that might better suit their needs. Read to explore some of the best alternatives available in the market.
We have combined knowledge of well over a century total - but more importantly, we stand on the shoulders of the giants who taught us.
The Tg of polypropylene (PP) is of pivotal importance in a broad spectrum of applications, due to its central impact on the material’s mechanical, thermal, and processing properties.
Titanium and Aluminum are both lightweight metals with distinct properties and versatility of application.
Injection molded materials play critical roles in virtually all aspects of manufactured products and are a primary cornerstone of all industries.
Industry experts William Burke from Five Flute, Oleg Shilovitsky from OpenBOM, and Adar Hay from Jiga explored the dynamic relationship between engineers and manufacturers.
Design for injection molded parts is a multifunction role that requires an experienced and calm approach from the designer, balancing the often competing and divergent needs of product function, aesthetics, manufacturability, moldability, QA and end user appreciation of the product.
Creating a waterproof product can seem tricky, but it's totally doable with the right info. This article is all about showing you the steps to make a top-notch waterproof product—one that's ready to be made in large numbers, works great, and can handle water just how you need it to.
This article will introduce the art and science of surface finish standards and surface finish symbols. This is a subject where aesthetics and functionality converge, so we will explore the significance of surface finishes from all perspectives.
DFA is used in product design and manufacturing to optimize the efficiency of assembling components as an integrated and central consideration in the design process. The core intention of DFA is to minimize the cost, time and challenges involved in starting and perfecting the assembly process and execution.
FDA approval is the Grail for any medical product developer and manufacturer, brand-owner and startup. Lacking it, access to the most lucrative medical markets is entirely impossible - to a large extent, even in the regions that lie outside FDA registration control.
The Code Interpreter function in ChatGPT works in tandem with a data set, say a spreadsheet or a database extracted from your ERP. It reads and analyses the data, providing understandable responses to queries or generating useful reports.
Manufacturing Experts: Journalists who provide valuable insights, keep you informed, and drive positive change in the industry. Stay ahead with their expertise on advancements, trends, sustainability, and automation. Engage with these industry leaders for a practical edge in manufacturing.
An efficient BOM management system can also enable real-time data access and updates across various locations for companies with global operations, ensuring consistency and harmony in production.
Former Vice President of Supply Chain at Astra and ex-Tesla supply chain expert, Will Drewery, shares practical tips on managing complex sourcing processes in manufacturing in this on-demand webinar. Topics covered include procurement strategies, vendor management, and negotiation techniques for successful outcomes and strong supplier relationships.
Manufacturing is a critical aspect of any business, and selecting the right platform can make all the difference. Two of the platforms in the industry are Jiga and Xometry. While they offer some similar capabilities, there are some significant differences that can impact your business.
Manufacturing lead times have a critical effect on the performance of every supply chain. The overall lead time is the time taken from before the start of the manufacturing process to when the product is ready for delivery.
A Purchase Requisition (PR) is the first and most important document in the procure-to-pay (P2P) process.
A blanket purchase order (Blanket PO, Blanket Order, Recurring Order) is a type of contract used in purchasing and supply chain management.

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