Jiga - Custom Parts Manufacturing

Partner directly
with vetted manufacturers

Source production parts directly from highly vetted manufacturing partners

High-quality guarantee

Jiga provides ongoing support services, buyer protection and mediation in case of quality concerns or order issues

Jiga supplier verification
Graphic showcasing a manufacturing order dashboard with details like supplier information, production contract costs, parts breakdown, and an order batch confirmation.

Production contracts

Set up competitive long-term production contracts with preferred partners, lock terms, and order batches

Direct supplier collaboration

Collaborate over an easy-to-use communication platform for quoting, DFM, supplier qualification and document exchange

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Secure and compliant

Highly secure data encryption and compliance options

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Supplier collaboration

Built-in supplier collaboration tools for both technical DFM and business communication

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We're not a middleman

Communicate with Jiga suppliers directly (we don’t hide them from you!)

Jiga is free to use instantly. Pay only for parts you source.