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How ICL Group leveraged Jiga to reduce purchase order lead times by 440%

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Purchase order lead time reduction


In annual savings

The problem

ICL group (NYSE: ICL) faced the problem of slow lead times and procedures around custom manufacturing. 

Manufacturing orders were made manually without any tracking, and details were lost across departments. Additionally, time spent on quoting, sourcing, and back-and-forth communication between departments and suppliers resulted in major supply chain delays.

The Solution: Parts sourcing automation and visibility

With Jiga, ICL group was able to automate the quoting and purchase order process across different departments and suppliers, while allowing employees to source new suppliers seamlessly.

Purchasing managers gained complete visibility and control while getting notified about every order and request. Engineers were able to quickly get from designs to quote, from quote to approval, and to get their parts in record time which had a tremendous effect on the bottom line.