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How Wild Rabbit Aerial Production saved up to 10x per order

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Over 10x

cost savings per order

The problem

With both drone technology and its use in film rapidly evolving, Wild Rabbit Productions was struggling to find manufacturers who could create the small quantity prototypes needed for their camera systems development.

Added to that was the fact that, when they were able to find the right part available in the right time frame, the cost was very high.

This is a common issue for companies who have unique or advanced product needs – the challenge of finding a supplier who can not only produce what you need, but do so at a good price.

The solution

Through the use of Jiga’s manufacturing platform,  Wild Rabbit was able to find a manufacturer who could quickly produce the small quantity prototypes they needed, within their required timeframe and to the high level of quality needed for their product development.

Jiga helped Wild Rabbit to reduce the cost and time needed to produce small quantity prototypes, which in turn allowed them to continue developing their drone technology and film products.

The result

Thanks to the help of Jiga’s powerful sourcing capabilities, Wild Rabbit was able to access high-quality manufacturers for iterative prototypes in a short timeframe and at a reduced cost, allowing them to continue innovating their drone technology and film products.

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